Lapal Plaza (Sold Out)

Lapal Plaza was the first phase of this historic development located in a very accessible part of Lagos Island. Lapal Plaza is currently occupied by various organisations including two (2) banks.

Lagos Island, Lagos

  • Generators - These are provided to power the whole building in case of power outage by the national grid.
  • Reception - Fluent, well trained receptionist to receive your customers.
  • Telephone Connection / PABX - Intercom and other telephone connections are made available on request.
  • Security - Top class security officers will be provided.
  • Cleaning - Professional cleaning services are made available for clients who are interested in hiring cleaning services. However, common areas will always be cleaned.
  • Connection to Electricity - There is constant supply of electricity during working hours from the national grid and in case of power outage, provision has been made for generating sets to power the building.
  • Elevators - The building possesses ample space elevators for ease of movement on each of the 12 floors in the building.
  • Fire Escape - There is a fire escape on each floor to ensure safety of all the occupants in the building. Also, in case of fire outbreak in the building each of the office suites is provided with fire extinguishers.
  • Parking - Convenient and comfortable parking are available for you and your clients within and outside the building.

Sales Team

George Asakpoku

0812 994 0743

Kayode Towose

0812 994 0749

Bunmi Duyile

0812 994 0746

Modupe Adekunle

0812 994 0747

Gabriel Ehiremen

0701 000 3376

Charles Esomojumi

0701 000 5143

Lanre Adeyemi

0701 000 4708